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Djibouti, 4 December 2014 – IGAD Security Sector Program (ISSP) held a three days regional training workshop on maritime domain awareness and intelligence held on 1-3 December 2014 in Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti. Mr. Daniel Yifru, the Senior Advisor of the Peace and Security Division of IGAD, made welcoming remarks and officially opened the training. Pillar Head of the Maritime Security at ISSP, Mr. Daoud A. Alwan, chaired the meeting.



The aim of the training was to provide a strong brief and accelerative roadmap for the successful development of an Integrated Maritime Domain Awareness plan for IGAD Member States. The workshop believed to provide stakeholders, operational bodies, interested parties and individuals from both the IGAD sub-region and representatives of the International Community with a comprehensive and concise body of information in relation to sub-regional Maritime Domain Awareness issues and associated actions.

A total of twenty two (22) participants representing IGAD Member States attended the training. Senior Officials from the Coast Guard, Maritime Authority, Navy, Office of the President, Police, National Security, Ministry of Ports and Marine Transport, Counter Piracy Unit, Ministry of Fishery and Marine Resources, and External Security Organization were in attendance. International Experts from the UK made presentations and share their experiences.

The following topics were thoroughly discussed in the form of presentation, group works, and case studies.

  • The Fundamentals of Maritime Domain Awareness
  • Introduction to the Intelligence Structure
  • Maritime Domain Awareness: A Strategic Approach
  • NIM Process- Intelligence as a “Business Process”
  • Intelligence Operations Strategic Structures
  • Maritime Operational Threat, Situational Awareness and Response Planning
  • Intelligence Tactical Structures
  • Examination of the current maritime information sharing arrangements in the IGAD Region
  • Identifying and Managing Strategic and Priority Intelligence
  • Establishing Regional/National Strategic Intelligence Infrastructure
  • Legal Issues- The Grading, handling, and protection of sensitive intelligence and sources

The workshop was adjourned by handing out certificates to the delegates preceded by closing remarks from the chairperson, the experts, and the delegates with vote of thanks to the participants, the experts, the staff, and the Government of Djibouti. (END)

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