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Maritime Security (MS)

ISSP will work to enhance capacity of IGAD states to deal with maritime security threats through:

  • Seeking for the development, signing, ratification and domestication of international and regional maritime security related protocols, codes and standards. This aims essentially at facilitating counter terrorism, security cooperation and mutual defense at the sea, and mutual assistance on judicial matters relating to maritime security. It also seeks the operationalistion of international protocols for countering fish piracy and chemical dumping.
  • Developing state and regional policies for enhancing cooperation on maritime security with mainly the development of and synchronization of policy on mutual defense and security cooperation for the sea.
  • Promoting the building of maritime security infrastructure by seeking, among others, the setting up of maritime cooperation zones to enhance bilateral cooperation among IGAD states and the setting up of security based fish industry activities to create stakeholder mentality among littoral communities in IGAD.
  • Developing and promoting the human resource capacity within states and ISSP to enhance maritime security. This will call for the development of training manuals to enhance maritime security, development of regional institutions dedicated to security enhancement of maritime security.

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