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6 June 2024, Santiago de Chile - At the invitation of the Embassy of Chile in Ethiopia and the African Union, officers from the IGAD Security Sector (IGAD-SSP) undertook a working visit in Chile between June 01st and June 07th, 2024, as a way of bolstering the implementation of the memorandum of understanding concluded on October 2023 in the area of maritime security and safety between the regional regrouping and the Republic of Chile.

The Officials from the IGAD Security Sector Office met during their stay in Chile with key authorities from the maritime sector and higher officials from the Ministry of External Affairs to forge strategic partnerships and share views on ways to explore common opportunities and challenges in this vital domain.

The visit, spearheaded by the Ministry of External Affairs of Chile and the General Directorate of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine of Chile, has laid the foundation for a promising South-to-South cooperative initiative.

During their visit to Chile, the IGAD Security Sector officers were privileged to visit some of Chile's most strategic premises and infrastructure while witnessing the outstanding maritime capabilities and high level of expertise of a country considered a champion oceanic state. 

At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to leveraging collective strengths and resources to tackle a spectrum of shared maritime concerns and threats. These include piracy, various forms of maritime-born smuggling, illegal fishing (IUU), environmental threats, and ensuring adherence to international laws and regulations.

By pulling together their respective experiences, capabilities, and best practices, IGAD regional regrouping and the Republic of Chile aim to enhance maritime domain awareness and response mechanisms, thereby safeguarding their respective maritime interests and those of the broader international community.

Moreover, the visit holds immense promise for fostering regional stability, prosperity, and cooperation. (END)

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